Why start a mailing list?

Email is the best way and most effective way of connecting with your customers (and potential customers). While social media posts get lost after a few hours, an email will wait in an Inbox until it's read.

If a customer has given you their email address, they are ready to engage with you and your products or services. You should be using emails to:

  • Alert customers when new products are released
  • Promote offers and discounts at strategic times
  • Share customer success stories 

Even if you aren't selling anything, you should still be building a mailing list! 

You should draw customers to your site to view the latest additions to your gallery or to read your new blog post. Encourage visitors to share links to your page and to Pin your images — this is great for your search engine rankings.

How to start a mailing list

All you need to do to start building a mailing list is sign up for a free MailChimp account. Then, create a mailing list subscription pop-up and add it to your website! Here's how: Adding a MailChimp subscriber popup.

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