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We have guides with specific instructions for these popular domain registrars:

If your domain name registrar is not listed above, follow the general instructions below to create a CNAME and redirect record to connect your domain name to your website. 

Getting started

  1. Log into your domain registrar
  2. Locate your DNS settings. This area might be called Advanced DNS, Domain Manager, Zone File Settings or something similar
  3. If there are any existing DNS records, make a back-up before making any changes

Setting up a CNAME record

A CNAME record ensures that all visits to your full domain (e.g. are sent to Envato Sites. Each domain registrar is a little different.

You might find that a CNAME record already exists so you can just update it or you may need to add a new one.

  1. If you're asked to specify a host, title or similar, type in: www
  2. You will also need to specify a target or value for the CNAME record. Enter this exactly:
  3. Use the default TTL (Time To Live) or, if you're asked to specify, enter a low number like "600" (10 minutes)
  4. Save your changes

Setting up a redirect record

A redirect record ensures that all visits to your domain name without the "www." (e.g. are redirected to the full version of your domain name (e.g. Each domain registrar does this slightly differently.

Look for a way to set-up a Redirect. It could also be called a 301 Permanent Redirect, Forwarding, http Redirect or Pointer.

  1. Set-up the redirect so your domain name without the "www." is redirected to the domain with the "www.". Eg. should redirect to
  2. If you are asked for a masked or unmasked option, select unmasked
  3. Save your changes

Check that your domain name is set up correctly

Go back to the Envato Sites Editor

  1. Go to the Publish page
  2. Click on the Custom Domain tab 
  3. Click Check domain settings
  4. If you have set up the CNAME and Redirect records correctly, and your domain registrar has applied the changes, you should see this:

Please note: It is normal for domain registrars to take up to 24 hours to apply ("propagate") DNS changes 


If you're sure that you have set up the CNAME and Redirect records correctly and you are seeing an error on the Custom Domain page, wait at least 10 minutes before clicking Check again. The problem is likely to be that your domain registrar has not yet applied your changes.

If the CNAME and redirect records are correct (as seen in the screenshot above) but you are still not able to see your site if you type your domain name into your browser, try refreshing your page a few times. 


Once your domain name has been correctly connected to your website with the required CNAME record, SSL will automatically be added to your site. This process can sometimes take up to 30 minutes.

Getting help

Domains and DNS terminology can get a bit technical and confusing. 

If you're having trouble creating a CNAME or Redirect record, you can ask your domain registrar's support team for assistance. Usually, they can create the records on your behalf.

If you get stuck you can contact our domain experts for help.

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