Why start a mailing list?

Email is the best way and most effective way of connecting with your customers (and potential customers). While social media posts get lost after a few hours, an email will wait in an Inbox until it's read.

How to start a Mailing List

How do you create a mailing list, create your first campaign, attract your initial subscribers and begin growing your email list?

To start with, sign up for a free MailChimp account, create a mailing list subscription pop-up and add it to your website.

To encourage signups create an attractive offer that customers wouldn't want to miss, like access to exclusive content in the form of downloadable ebooks, whitepapers, reports, tutorials and even audio tracks or videos!

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"What Should I Write About?"

Email marketing is most effective when you send out messages frequently. Decide early on what type of email you'll be sending:

  • Promotions and Offers (Sales or coupons)
  • Newsletters and Digests (New products or changes to your services)
  • Relationship-Building Emails (Customer success stories or check-in emails)

Your decision about content provides the foundation for your Mailing List and will help you to create a content plan. Read more about How to Generate Ideas for Your Email Marketing

Deliver information customers want

Marketing has a bad reputation because it's often about about interrupting people's lives and trying to convince them that they want a product they've no real need for. 😒 TV commercials or random website popups!

The biggest benefit of email marketing is that it gives you a direct relationship with your subscribers. You can listen to feedback and find out what they want or track how they interact with your emails to see what matters to them. This will help you ensure that your emails aren't interruptions but rather something your subscribers look forward to receiving.

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