A favicon is a website icon that is displayed next to the page’s title in an open tab, in the address bar and next to the page name when the site is bookmarked. 

A favicon is generally a symbol as text is too small to read. 

For example, this is Envato’s favicon:

The New York Times uses a stylized T:

Image size and format

The size of the favicon varies between browsers and devices. To ensure that your icon appears clearly in all circumstances, we recommend uploading a .png image that is at least 70px x 70px.

Adding a favicon

Please note: Only some templates provide the ability to to add a favicon. If your browser doesn’t show a page that looks like the screenshots below, please contact us for alternate instructions. Use the live chat widget below or send an email to sites-support@envato.com 

1. Open your website in the Editor

2. Click on the Settings page

3. In the section called Favicon, click Add a favicon

4. Click Add favicon to choose an image to upload

5. Click Upload new image or drag and drop a file over the preview field 

6. When the image is finished uploaded, click the back arrow to return to Settings

Please note: The favicon will not be displayed within the Editor, in Build or Preview mode. It will only be displayed in the browser tab on the live version of the site, after your subscription has been started.

Removing the favicon

You can delete the favicon at any time if it is no longer required. To do this:

  1. Open the Settings 

2. In the section called Favicon, click Change favicon

3.  Click Remove favicon

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