Once you start a subscription and connect a domain name, your homepage URL will be: www.YOURDOMAIN.com

If you add more pages, you should give each one a unique address (URL).

Adding a custom page address

1. Once you have added a new page, open the Build tab

2. Scroll down to locate the Page Address section

3. Enter what you would like to appear after the "/" in the page's URL (www.YOURDOMAIN.com/custom-page-url)

For example, if you have added a new page called "Customer Testimonials", you can enter the Page Address: customer-testimonials

The page's URL will become: www.yourdomain.com/customer-testimonials

Page address rules

  • A page address should be short, if possible 
  • You can have more than one word but instead of spaces you must use hyphens 
  • Each page address must be unique 
  • An address can only contain letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores. Special characters (like "@", "!" or "?") are not allowed

If you do not enter a Page Address, the URL of new pages on your website will appear in the following format:


If you choose not to connect a custom domain name, your website will be available on the Envato Built-in domain. Page Addresses will use this format:


Please note: The option for adding a Page Address is only available on pages other than your homepage. Your homepage URL sill simply be www.yourdomain.com

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