A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a layer of encryption between your browser and the website you visit. It keeps information sent between browser and website safe.

Once you have selected a free or paid plan in order to publish your website, your internal ("Built-in") domain will be provided with SSL protection. 

When you add a custom domain name and correctly connect it to your website with the required CNAME record, it will also receive SSL protection. 

Envato Sites set up redirects so that your visitors always use the secure version of your website. This means we'll automatically redirect visits to the non-secure page (http://www.example.com) to the SSL protected site (https://www.example.com). 

Your website will always show the "Secure" status in all browsers.

After correctly creating the CNAME record, SSL will be added to your custom domain within approximately 20 minutes. If you experience a longer delay, please contact our domain experts for help.

SSL is included at no extra charge. You do not need to upload a certificate or change any settings to get SSL on your website.

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