What is a sitemap?

An XML sitemap is essentially a list of pages on your website that shows how they are organized. It's purpose is to help Google (and other search engines) find all your pages and add them to its index. 

A sitemap also provides Google with additional information such as when a page was last updated.

You can submit a sitemap to Google (or other search engines) directly instead of waiting for its crawlers to find and index your website. It can also be helpful to submit an updated sitemap if you have added new pages to your published site. Doing so helps search engines to find and index those pages faster.

How to find your sitemap

When you publish your website and connect your custom domain name, an XML sitemap is automatically produced. 

Each time you make updates to the site, like adding a new page or deleting an old one, your sitemap will also be updated.

You can find your sitemap by adding "/sitemap.xml" to the end of your URL in the browser. For example:


Please note: Sitemaps are only available on our monthly and annual subscription plans

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