A Social sharing image is the image that will be displayed when you share a link to your site (or a specific page of your site) on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. 

Choose a specific image, otherwise the social media platform will select a random image from your site.

Choosing an image for social sharing

1. Open Page Settings by clicking Build
2. Scroll down the toolbar to locate the Social Sharing Image section

3. Click Add a social image
4. Click Add an image

5. Click Upload new image, select an image you have already uploaded or browse for free professional photos using the Unsplash integration by clicking Find images online.

Please note: An social sharing image must be a minimum of 400px wide by 209 px high

6. Use the cropper tool to adjust the focus of your image size. Social media platforms require images to be in a 1.91:1 ratio

7. When you're happy with the final image, click the blue back arrow to continue editing your site.


If you have tried sharing a link to your site on a social media platform and your image is not appearing, it probably means that an old version of your site has been cached.

To tell Facebook to update the cached version of your site:

  1. Open the Facebook Object Debugger
  2. Enter your domain name in the "Input URL" field
  3. Click Fetch new scrape information

To tell Twitter to update the cached version of your site:

  1. Open the Twitter Card Validator
  2. Enter your domain name in the "Card URL" field. Include "https://www" before the domain name
  3. Click Preview card

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