As well as giving each page a custom URL, you can give a block specific address URL too. We recommend giving key blocks on your site a custom URL, especially if you intend to:

  • Link to the block from another area on your website, for example, linking to your "Contact Info" block from the Header navigation
  • Share a link to the block on an external website like a social media platform, for example, linking to your Pricing info or a blog post

Please note: It's not necessary to give every block a custom address

Customizing a Block URL Address

1. Click on the block to open the Settings Toolbar

2. Scroll down to the section called "Advanced"

3. Enter what you would like to appear in the page's URL ( For example, "contact-info"

Block URL rules

  • A Block URL should be short, if possible 
  • You can have more than one word but instead of spaces you must use hyphens
  • Each address must be unique 
  • An address can only contain letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores. Special characters (like "@", "!" or "?") are not allowed
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