Once you have started a paid subscription for a website, you can transfer it to any website on your account. Optionally, you can move the domain name to the new site along with the subscription. 

To transfer a subscription from an old website to a new one:

1. Open the new site in the Site Builder and go to the Publish page

2. Click Transfer a subscription from an existing website (instead of selecting a payment plan)

3. In the field labeled "From" select the name of the old website.

Then, click the "Yes" option if you'd like to transfer the domain name along with the subscription. Select "No" if the new website will be connected to a new domain name

If you select "No" remove the domain name from the old site before transferring the subscription as this is difficult to do later. 

5. Click Confirm

6. Then, click Publish to launch the new website to the internet. Alternatively, if you still have changes to make before launching, click I'll do this later

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