Make a back-up of your DNS before making any changes! You can do this by taking a screenshot and saving it on your device. 

To connect a domain name to your Envato Sites website, you'll need to create a CNAME record and a Redirect record. 

Do not modify any A Records or Name Server Records.

How to edit your OVH DNS records

1. Login to your Web Control Panel

2. Click "Domains" in the left hand side menu and select your domain name

3. Click on the DNS Zone tab

Setting up a CNAME record

  1. Click on the Add entry button

2. Select CNAME

3. Enter "www" in the Subdomain field and "" (with the period at the end) in the Title field.
It should look exactly like this:

4. Click Submit to save your changes

5. You should see this message:

The CNAME Record should appear on the DNS zone page like this:


Error message:

Solution: You have not added a full stop (period) to the Title. Edit the CNAME record and ensure the Title is:

Error message:

Solution: There is a pre-existing CNAME record that is clashing with the one you just added. Delete the pre-existing CNAME record.

Setting up a Redirect record

1. Go to the Redirection tab

2. Click Add a new redirection

3. Leave the subdomain and the checkbox empty, like this:

4. Click Next

5. Choose "to a web address":

6. Click Next

7. Choose "with a visible redirection"

8. Click Next

9. Now choose "Permanent (301)" and enter the full URL (including https://)

10. Click Next. Ensure that the information is correct, then click Confirm

Checking that the domain name has been correctly connected

OVH takes between 4-24 hours to propagate (apply) the records you have created. 

On your Envato Sites Custom Domain page, click Check domain settings

If you have set up forwarding correctly (and GoDaddy have applied the change) you should see this:

For more information, click here.

SSL will be added to your domain name within approximately 20 mins after your CNAME record has been propagated.

Getting help

If you need help with any part of this process you can:

  • Contact OVH's support team. They are able to create and modify DNS records on your behalf. Send them this guide so they can see what needs to be done 
  • Or ask our domain experts for assistance. Send us a screenshot of your OVH DNS settings and Redirection settings so we can help you troubleshoot!
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