Calendly is an appointment scheduling app with the capability to integrate with your personal calendar so customers can book time with you straight from your website.

It's simple to embed a Calendly booking button on your site. Here's how:

Setting up your Calendly booking button

1. If you don't already have a Calendly account, sign up here. Follow the prompts to connect with your calendar

2. Once set up, go to Event Types

3. Click on the Settings icon to edit one of the default appointment types. Alternatively, click New Event Type to create a new one

4. Click Edit 

5. Open "What event is this" 

6. Change the event name, add a location and an event description if required

7. Click Save & Close

8. Click "When can people book this event", then set your availability and appointment length, etc

9. Click Save & Close

10. Click Event Types

11. Click the Settings gear to drop down the menu, then select Embed

12. Click Popup Text

13. Copy the Embed code

Adding the booking button code to your website

1. Open your website in the Editor

2. In Build more, click on a block that contains a button, or add a new block with a button to the page

3. Scroll down the toolbar and open the Buttons section. Click Edit to modify an existing button or click Add a new button 

4. Select the following options:

  • Select "Booking button" in the list of options under Type
  • Select "Calendly Button" in the list of options under Booking provider
  • Paste the code copied from Calendly into the field called Calendly button HTML

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