A "lightbox" is a popup that opens over your site when a visitor clicks an image. The popup allows the visitor to view enlarged images and scroll through your gallery content.

Lightboxes are mobile responsive to make sure visitors on a smartphone get the same experience as a desktop visitor would.

Adding a lightbox

1. Add the website building block called "IMAGE OR VIDEO GALLERY"

2. Once you have added your images, scroll over your IMAGE OR VIDEO GALLERY block to select the Settings Toolbar. 

3. Toggle "Enable lightbox for this gallery" to ON

Multiple "IMAGE OR VIDEO GALLERY" blocks can be added to your site but visitors will only be able to scroll through images in one gallery at a time. 

When a lightbox is enabled in a gallery block any links that have been added to individual images will stop working. 

NOTE: The lightbox feature will not work in Build or Preview mode. It will only work on the live site.

If you have added a lightbox after launching your website, you'll need to update it with these changes.

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