You can make changes to your website at any time after starting a subscription. Small edits are easy to make on the fly but if you are planning major changes or lots of outdated content needs to be updated, it might be a good idea to put the site in "Maintenance mode".

How to put your site in Maintenance mode

You can take your entire site off the internet (see below for instructions), but this is a drastic move. If visitors click on an old link and see an error message instead of your branded page, it could give the wrong impression — like you are no longer in business! 

This is what we suggest instead:

1. Hide all existing pages on your site from search engines

2. Add a new page to your site. Change the Page title to "Maintenance page" or similar

3. Scroll down the toolbar and click Make this my home page.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the Hide pages from search engines toggle is OFF

4. Click Add block and add one large block to the page

In this example we used the "TEXT ON IMAGE" block. 

In the Edit section of the toolbar add a message like: "We are working on new our new website! Check back in with us soon." 

5. Make sure potential customers can still contact you by adding a contact form

6. Update the website with your changes

When the updated site is ready to be relaunched, reverse the changes:

  1. Change the homepage back to the original
  2. Un-hide all pages from search engines
  3. Delete the Maintenance page if it won't be required in the near future
  4. Go Publish page and click Update website
  5. You may also want to resubmit your site to Google to be reindexed

Taking down the whole site

If you'd like to take down the entire site while working on your website:

  1. Disconnect your domain name
  2. Hide all pages from search engines

Due to the nature of the internet, these steps don't guarantee that your site (or content) will be completely undiscoverable, but it does mean that users will have trouble finding your old content. 

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