Building a website is a world of possibilities. There are infinite design and content choices you can make. You should set out to create a unique website that represents your brand, but there are some easy mistakes to make along the way.

Here are the top things to avoid:

Using unrelated demo content

You’re free to use the demonstration image that come with each website template, but you should replace them if they don’t have any connection to your business. Irrelevant images can actually hurt your Google ranking and can confuse visitors to the point that they give up and leave your site:

Use the Unsplash integration to source high quality photos that reinforce the message on your website.

Overloading visitors with too many Calls to Action

If there are too many CTAs then there are too many opportunities for a visitor to get distracted and not click anything at all!

One or two buttons placed in strategic locations on your homepage is enough to funnel visitors in the direction you want them to take without causing confusion:

Adding too much information to a single page

This increases the likelihood that visitors will struggle to find the information they are looking for, which may cause them to get frustrated and leave. Generally speaking, 6-8 building blocks is enough for a good homepage. If you have more than that, it might be worth considering setting up additional pages for important content, like About Us, Pricing, Services, Events, etc.   

Hiding important information 

Making a visitor click through multiple links to find your pricing guide, portfolio or services can cause as much frustration as too much scrolling - especially for mobile users! Your content needs to be clear and concise and if it fits neatly on one page then there's no need to complicate the site structure with additional pages.

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