Easy navigation is important for any website. You can have great content and awesome style but if finding information is difficult, most users will give up on your site and leave. This is especially true for mobile users! 

Enable "sticky navigation" on your website to fix the menu at the top of the page when the site is being viewed on any device with a small screen. This ensures that the navigation links can be accessed from anywhere on the page without the need to scroll.

When enabled, the navigation bar with your logo and social media icons will stay visible at the top of the page when the user scrolls down: 

To enable a sticky header on your site:

1. Add the block called "HEADER (SMALL)" to the top of a page on your website

2. Hover over the newly added Header block and click the Settings button that appears at the top right:

A toolbar will open to the right of the page to allow you to edit the block settings

4. Locate the "Sticky navigation bar" in the toolbar and switch the toggle to On

Please note: If you have already launched your website, you'll need to update it with these changes.

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