Envato Sites supports these browsers:

  • Chrome (Windows, MacOS & Linux): last 2 versions
  • Safari (MacOS & iOS): last 2 versions
  • Firefox (Windows & MacOS): last 2 versions
  • Edge (Windows): latest version
  • Chrome (Android): latest version

Internet Explorer is not supported. IE is quite an old browser and it doesn't have the capability to display some of the more complex code that modern websites use.

The Envato Sites engineering team practises a methodology called "Progressive Enhancement" which ensures that your website will work best on the most up-to-date version of the most common modern browsers. It also ensures that when a visitor to your site does use an older browser (like Internet Explorer) all your text will be displayed and the buttons work — but things like background images or content layout might look a little different.

The majority of internet users use more modern browsers. In reality you'll likely find that not too many of your customers will use old browsers like IE. Read about the most commonly used browsers on Wikipedia: Usage share of web browsers.

If you'd like to monitor the browsers used by visitors to your website, add your Google Analytics tracking code.

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