This guide will help you see how to turn an Envato Sites template into a real website for your business. The important thing to note is that all our templates built using our "website building blocks". You can add, move or delete any of the building blocks and change even change the layout of elements within them.  

For the purposes of this guide, I chose the template called "Relaxed" (left) to build an example website called Beautiful Bouquets (right).

These are the blocks that the Relaxed template started with:

The customizations I made

I chose this template to work with because it already featured a big "Header" block and I liked the "Image or Video with Text" with the small, detailed photo on the right hand side.

1. There was no need to keep the "Text with Icons" block or the "Hero Text" block so I deleted them instead of trying to make my content fit. In their place I added one "Article" block with two columns. Since this is just an example website, this block contains placeholder text but if this was a real business there would be few sentences about the company

2. Initially, I used the "Image or Video Gallery" block to display my photos: 

But I decided that I wanted more uniform spaces so, I deleted that block and instead added "Images or Videos with Text" block. This also allowed me to add captions. 

3. The block called "Metrics or Highlights" didn't really fit on the Beautiful Bouquets website, so it was deleted next. 

4. It's always great to show customer testimonials if you have them, but I decided to add mine to a new page. This meant that I could delete the "Testimonials" block from the homepage.
5. Since my example website and business is run by one person, the "Team Profile" block wasn't required so I deleted it too. In it's place I added the "Text on Image" block so I could show a large background photo

6. Lastly, I felt that the "Footer" block wasn't entirely necessary, so I deleted the it and kept "Contact Info" to act as a footer instead. 

These are the blocks that are used on the Beautiful Bouquets website:

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