Why spend time writing headings?

Though our templates show headings like "Our Services", "Meet the Team" or "Testimonials" it's best to write your own, unique headings. Generic headings like "Our Services" are used by millions of websites so you need to think differently if you want yours to stand out! A good heading is really a simple, straightforward message that highlights your product or service's differences and benefits.

Helping search engines understand your website

All the content on your website should be relevant to what you offer, but headings and subheadings are especially significant. Search engines like Google "read" the code that your website is made of, specifically looking at <h1> and <h2> tags (headings and subheadings) to assess what your website is about.

Envato Sites has built <h1> and <h2> tags into the templates to show Google where to look, so all you need to do is provide the words!

Here's an example from my demo website:

How to write good headings

It can be helpful to create headings and subheadings after writing your body content. Doing it this way around allows you to look critically at your writing so you can form a list of strong keywords to use in headings.

A good way to approach writing a heading is to think about what visitors get from you or what they will find in that section of your website. Think of each section like a mini-website - if someone was to see a single block from your page, would they understand what your website is about?

Tips for writing headings

  • Be descriptive (eg. "Winter sweaters for ice-skating")
  • Stay relevant (Phrases like "Out of this world Specials" can be confusing)
  • Drop in your product/brand name if there's space

What to avoid when writing headings

  • Repeating keywords too often
  • Avoid adjectives like "best", "awesome" or "5-star" - they're too vague and subjective¬†
  • Directly copying competitors¬†

Examples of good headings

Instead of "About Us", try: "About Nike"

Instead of "Testimonials", try: "Nike supports top athletes"

Instead of "Meet the Team", try: "The Creators of Nike shoes"

Instead of "Products", try: "Premium running shoes"

Instead of "Feature Product", try: "Achieve your personal best with Nike X"

At Envato Sites we're always happy to help. If you'd like assistance writing headings just send us a message with a link to your website and we'll get back to you ASAP with some suggestions.

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