Add a contact form to your site so customers can get in touch, request a quote or ask for help.

If your template didn't come with a contact form block on it, don't worry it's easy to add one!

1. In Build mode, click the plus symbol that appears between two blocks

2. in the block library, scroll down to find the CONTACT FORM block

3. Click on the CONTACT FORM block to see a preview on your site. If you're happy with the position, click Add block

4. Enquiries via the contact form will be delivered to the email address of your choice. You do not have to use the email address that is linked to your Envato Account, however, you must verify the email address before you can start receiving enquiries. To do this, enter a "Recipient email":

A verification link will be sent to the email address entered here. The recipient will need to click the link:

IMPORTANT: You will not receive enquiries via the contact form until the verification link is clicked

5. Customize the heading and subheading, and provide a thank you message that a visitor will see after submitting an enquiry: 

6. Scroll down the toolbar to Form settings. This is where you can adjust the field labels and add helpful messages:

NOTE: If your website is already published, you'll need to update it with the recent changes by visiting the Publish page and clicking the blue Update your site button. 

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