The Simple Site Builder will automatically scale your images to fit them into the website building blocks. Sometimes this means that the edges of large images are hidden. See what the image will look like to visitors using a desktop, tablet or mobile on the Preview page.

To help you display images the way you want them, each website building block offers some image editing tools.

Click here for a guide to identifying building blocks.

Image Galleries without text

The block called IMAGE OR VIDEO GALLERY has been specifically designed to make your images look good and make the flow of the gallery work on every screen size. To do this, it will automatically re-scale images to fit in the available space:

To influence the size of the images within the gallery, open the Settings toolbar and select an Image Density:

You can also influence the size of the gallery by uploading images of the same aspect ratio or orientation. For example, this "IMAGE OR VIDEO GALLERY" uses only Portrait oriented images:

In this "IMAGE OR VIDEO GALLERY" I've used only Landscape images:

Image Gallery with text

To change the size of images in the IMAGES OR VIDEOS WITH TEXT block, hover over the block and click Settings.

Choose a new Image Shape from the drop down list:

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