Envato Sites does not provide users with the option to export any website. It’s not possible to download your data and upload it to a new website hosting platform. See our Terms and Conditions for more about that.

This guide will help you save your website content and make it available offline making it easily accessible when you're building a replacement website. We’ve prepared this article for general information only, and we of course can’t endorse any of the methods or non-Envato products below in terms of how effective they’ll be.

How to save your data

Most internet browsers allow you to save a copy of a website as a file that you can access offline.

Chrome or Firefox

  1. Click File in the browser menu
  2. Select Save Page As…
  3. Choose the file format “Webpage, Complete”


  1. Click File in the browser menu
  2. Select Save Page As…
  3. Choose the file format “Web Archive”

Microsoft Edge

  1. Press Ctrl+S on your keyboard to open the Save prompt
  2. Choose the file format “Webpage Complete”

You can open the saved file in your browser at any time to copy text, download images and copy links. 

Alternative website builder platforms

Once you’ve downloaded your content from Envato Sites, you’ll be better prepared to recreate your website on a different website building platform. There are many website builders but we’ve listed the more well-known providers below, being those accepted by the community for ease of use and professional design:

  • Jimdo
  • GoDaddy
  • Site123
  • Strikingly
  • SimpleSite
  • Wix
  • SquareSpace

Get a free "Insta website"

The latest project from the Envato Sites team is a mobile-first website builder app called Milkshake. With the app you can create a simple “Insta website” to put in your Instagram bio to help connect your followers with your content.

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