The image on the right has a ugly white square around it. That's because the logo has a white background and the website has a grey background. 

Here's how to rid of that white background. 

Get a Transparent Logo from Your Designer

Removing a logo's background is never going to look as good as using the original, transparent logo. No matter who designed your logo, they should have a transparent version (Either .png  or .svg format). You should only follow the steps below if you can't get a transparent version from the logo designer. 

For Mac Users

If you're on a Mac, getting rid of an image's background is free, easy, and doesn't even need special software. 

1. In Finder, double click your image to open it in Preview.

2. Click on the toolbox  icon, then the magic wand. 

3. Click and drag anywhere on the white background. As you drag, more and more of the of the background will become selected (indicated by the red). Once your'e happy with the selection, stop dragging.

4. Now click delete and it'll remove the selected area.
5. If it asks you if you want to convert your image to a PNG, click Convert

5. You may need to repeat the steps for the non-contiguous white space, like inside the e 's and the b in the example above.
6. Click File > Save .

That's it! Your transparent logo is ready to use on Envato Sites. 👍 😃 

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