The Simple Site Builder will automatically scale your images to fit them into the website building blocks. Sometimes this means that the edges of large images are hidden. To help you display images the way you want them, each website building block offers some image editing tools.

Click here for a guide to identifying building blocks.

Blocks with a single foreground image

These blocks have have been designed to show only one foreground image: 


The first three blocks in the list above provide a sliding scale to resize your image in the Edit section of the toolbar:

The "PROFILE" block provides a sliding scale to resize your bio photo in the Settings section of the toolbar:

Blocks for image galleries

Click here for more information about re-sizing images in grid and gallery blocks.

Blocks with a background image

These blocks have been designed to allow you to add an image behind text:


Both of these provide the option of making the background image as large as possible by making the block the full height of the page.
To  locate this option, go to the Settings section of the toolbar, then scroll down to find the "Full height block". Toggle this to ON:

See what the image will look like to visitors using a desktop, tablet or mobile on the Preview page.

Removing image padding or white space (for Mac users)

If an image has empty white space around it, it may change the feel of the page when you upload it. Let's use this image of a coffee cup as an example and upload it to the block called "IMAGES OR VIDEOS WITH TEXT".

The image on the left is the original photo while the image on the right has been cropped to remove the extra space around the cup:

If you're on a Mac, here's the easiest way to crop an image:

1. Double click the image in your Finder to open it in Preview 

2. Click and drag to create a box around the image

3. Click Tools  > Crop to get rid of everything outside of your selection

4. Click File  > Save to save your new image without all the extra space

That's it! Now just upload your new image or logo to your Envato Sites website.

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