If you'd like to make it easy for customer's to find your physical location, add a Google maps block! Here's how:

If the template didn't come with a map on it, you can always add a map block. 

1. In Build mode, click the plus symbol that appears between two blocks:

2. In the toolbar, scroll down to find the Map block

3. Click the Map block to try it out on your page, then click Add block to confirm

4. Next, go to Google Maps and find your location.
You can also add directions, Street View, or a map with multiple locations. For more information, visit the Google Help Center.

5. To copy the map link, click Share

6. Go to the Embed map tab and copy all of the code

7. Go back to your website in the Site Editor and paste the code into the Google Map block:

NOTE: If your website is already published, you'll need to update it with the recent changes.

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