Envato Sites websites are made with building blocks. A "block" is any combination of elements like headings, text, images, videos, buttons, etc.

All of the website's blocks can be edited so you can add your content.

Firstly, ensure you are on the Build page:

Scroll over the block you want to edit, update or delete. Three buttons will appear in the top right hand corner of the block*.

Note: Different types of blocks provide different editing options. 

Let's see an example using a Header block.

Edit Toolbar

In a Header, the Edit toolbar has options for:

Layout Toolbar

The header block's Layout toolbar has the option to switch the content within the block to a different layout.

Note: Not all blocks will have this option.

Settings Toolbar

The header block's Settings toolbar has options for changing design settings like:

*Don't see these options when editing your website? You could be using one of Envato Sites' older website templates. Get in touch if you'd like more information!

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