Crazy Domains domain names come with existing DNS records. If you recently purchased your domain name and you have not used it for any other website, you'll likely need to make some changes before creating the records required by Envato Sites. 

1. Login to your Crazy Domains account

2. Click Domains in the navigation menu

3. If you have more than one domain name, select the one to connect to your website.
If you have only one domain name, skip to step 4. 

4. Scroll down to DNS Settings

5. If you see two A Records as shown in the screenshot above, you will need to delete them. To do this, hover (or click) on one of the records to bring up the Modify button

6. Click Delete on both records

7. Click Update

Setting up a CNAME Record

A CNAME Record connects your domain name to your Envato Sites website. Here are the steps to set it up:

1. In the DNS Settings section click the menu icon then select Add Record

2. Choose CNAME Record from the drop down list and click Add

3. Enter “www” in the first field and “” into the second. Exactly like this:

4. Click Update

Setting up a redirect record

You’ll also need to set up a redirect record to ensure that all visits to your domain name without “www” (e.g. are redirected to the full domain name ( 

Please note: you will need to have Crazy Domains’ Premium DNS in order to set up a redirect. If you do not have access to Premium DNS you can set up a redirect record using (instructions at the bottom of this guide).

Here are the steps:

1. In the DNS Settings section click the menu icon then select Web Forward

2. Remove "www" from the Sub Domain field. This field needs to be blank. Enter enter your full domain name (including the "www") into the second field, like this:

3. Click Update

Using to create forwarding records

If you do not have Crazy Domains Premium DNS package, you will be be able to create the Web Forward record shown above. You can however still create forwarding records using 

Then, after following our instructions for generating two IP addresses, you'll need to create two A Records in your CrazyDomains DNS Settings:

1. In the DNS Settings section, click the menu symbol and select Add Record

2. Leave the Sub Domain blank and enter one of the Values provided by into the IP Address field

3. Click Add a record

4. Enter the second Earyredir Value, leaving the Sub Domain blank again

8. Click Update

Checking that your domain name is correctly connected

On your Envato Sites Custom Domain page, click Check domain settings

If you have set up the CNAME and Web Forward or A Records correctly (andCrazy Domains have applied the changes) you should see this:

Getting help

Domains and DNS terminology can get a bit technical and confusing. If you need help with any part of this process, contact Crazy Domain’s support team or ask our domain experts for assistance.

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