All of the images that come with the website template can be replaced. This guide shows how to add or edit a foreground image. Click here for a guide to adding or editing background images.

IMPORTANT: Ensure your images are high quality and high resolution. We recommend a minimum of 500 x 500px.

We can't provide specific image dimensions as the size that an image is displayed is determined by the size of the device being used to view the website. Image scaling and image re-shaping tools are available in all of the website building block Settings toolbars.

How to upload a foreground image

1. Click on the block to bring up the Edit toolbar on the right of the page

2. Click Choose new image

3. Click Upload new image to select a file from your device.

Alternatively, you can choose a previously uploaded image or use the Unsplash integration to find a free stock photo.

4. When the file has finished uploading, click Back to return to the main menu where you can adjust the size of the image

TIP: Go to the Preview page to see how your images respond to different screen sizes. You may find that you want to crop or re-size your image and upload it again.

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