Once you've added your content, customized the design and previewed how the finished website will look on different devices, you're ready to launch! 

Click on the Publish tab and choose a subscription that best suits your requirements. 

Free plan

Choose this option to launch your website on an Envato Sites domain name (URL). Your domain name will be in this format: https://USERNAME-XXXX.envatosites.com.

The website will show a Envato Sites banner in the Footer of each page.

You can choose to launch your website on the internet or to keep the site hidden from search engines.

Monthly & Annuals plans

Both the monthly and annual plans allow you to connect a custom domain name to your website (although you can continue to use the Envato Sites domain name if you'd like).

No Envato Sites branding will be shown anywhere on your website.

Until you connect a custom domain name, your website will be hidden from search engines like Google. This means that you can use the Built-in Domain to share the website with your team, collaborators or clients. 

Making changes after subscribing

You can return to make changes to your website at any time. Remember to click the blue Publish your site button on the Publish tab each time you make a change.

Click here for more information on plans and pricing.
For more FAQs about publishing and what's involved, click here

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