To sell products or services you'll need to send send customers to your online store or payment page. It's simple to do in the Site Editor — the hardest part is choosing which e-commerce solution is best for you and you products/services.

Here are some things to think about when considering e-commerce platforms:

  • Will your customers be purchasing more than one product or service?
  • Do you sell directly to your customers from your website and social media, or do you want to be found on marketplace too?
  • Are you selling digital or physical products or services?
  • Do you only sell online, or do you also have a physical point of sale?
  • Do you need to manage an inventory? 
  • How (and when) would you like to be paid? 


PayPal's "Buy Now" button directs your customers from your website straight to the payment page for your item. There is no way to create a shopping cart so the "Buy Now" button is perfect if it's unusual for a customer to purchase more than one item. PayPal are well recognized and trusted so you get the advantage of this reputation. 

See how to create a PayPal "Buy Now" button on your website


Gumroad could be great for you if you're an independent service provider like a writer, designer, developer, or a teacher and you sell digital or physical products/services directly to customers. You can sell a standalone product, bundled products, and/or subscriptions with recurring fees. They offer the ability to issue license keys too. Gumroad have single a product payment page, but customers can purchase more than one item at a time.

See how to create a Gumroad purchase button on your website.


Shopify is a great option for selling products or services at a physical point of sale as well as online. They're a fantastic solution for selling physical products but they also can be used for selling digital items. You can use Shopify payments to accept purchases from your customers or integrate a third-party payment gateway (such as PayPal or AmazonPayments). In order to use Shopify with your website, you'll need to have the full version (not Lite). 

App Store / iTunes Store

Apple's App Store is a distribution platform for music, movies, tv shows, apps and books. You'll need to sign up for an iTunes Connect account, submit an application and wait for approval from Apple before you can start selling. You may even need to go through an Aggregator. On the plus side, you get the benefit of Apple's reputation for quality. You can sell your products for free or at a price tier that you can choose. Restrictions may apply for selling on other platforms.

Google Play

Google Play is the Anrdroid app store for apps, music, movies, tv shows and books. Their application and approval processes are similar to Apple's. You can choose the price for your products and sell them as standalone or as a subscription.

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