All blocks that feature text allow you to do some basic formatting, and can be moved or deleted according to your requirements. 

Website fonts can be changed on the Theme page.*

Each block provides a number of specific text formatting options in the Edit toolbar.

Click on the block to open the Edit Toolbar. In this example, I'm editing an "Article" block:

To format text in the Heading, Subheading or Body:

1.  First highlight the specific words:

2. Then, click a button from the field's formatting options.

Adding a hyperlink

When setting up a hyperlink you can choose to link to: 

  • "A page on this site" 
  • "A block on a page" (to link to a specific block on any page of your website)
  • "An external website"
  • "An email address"
  • "A phone number"

*Don't see these options when editing your website? You could be using one of Envato Sites' older website templates. Get in touch if you'd like more information! 

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