You've added a CNAME Record and Redirect Record in your domain name's DNS settings and now you need to check that your website is correctly connected. 

One way you check is to type your domain name into your browser's address bar (with and without the "www.". Is the website displayed as it should be?

We also offer a built-in DNS checking feature that detects common problems. Here's how to use it:

1. Open the website in the Site Editor

2. Go to the Custom Domain area in the Publish tab and click Check domain settings

You can see here that the CNAME has been set-up correctly but the Redirect Record isn't right:

Once the issue has been fixed, click Check again on the DNS check tool: 

Having trouble connecting your domain name?

It can take some time for domain registrars to update DNS settings, so don't panic if your website isn't connected straight away!

If the DNS checking tool shows red warnings about something that's not right, wait 5 minutes then click Check again.

If you're having difficulty connecting your domain name please contact our domain experts. We're here to help!

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