Add a "Download on the App Store" button to your website to prompt visitors to purchase your book, music, movie, tv show, course, podcast or app.

Becoming a seller on the App Store

You’ll need to apply and be accepted to become a seller (or offer your products for free) on the App Store. 

The application process differs depending on the type of product you want to sell, so here’s some more information:

Uploading your products to the App Store

You'll need to create an iTunes Connect account when you submit your application to become a seller. Sign up for an iTunes Connect account or check your membership here.

iTunes Connect is a suite of web tools for managing your content on iTunes, iBooks and the App Store. You’ll need to use iTunes Connect to ensure your product is uploaded to the App Store in the correct format. 

It’s also where you’ll go to manage your agreements, tax and banking information, sales reports, etc.

Generating a link on the App Store

Once your product has been accepted and is available on the App Store, use the Link Maker to generate a sharing code.

1. Go to the iTunes Link Maker app 

2. Set your country and Media Type from the drop down lists:

3. Search for your product
4. Copy the "Direct Link" from the product page:

Adding the App Store link to your website

1. Add a new block to your website or edit an existing block that includes a button

2. In the Edit toolbar, scroll down to the Buttons section

3. Click Edit to modify a button, or click Add a new button to create a new one

4. Select the following options:

  • In the Button text field add the button title (the "call to action"). in this example, that's "Download on the App Store"
  • Select "App download button" in the list of options under Type
  • Select "Apple App Store" in the list of options under App provider
  • Paste the direct link from the App Store into the field called Link to the app on the app store

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