Google Play (previously known as Android Market) is a digital distribution platform that you can use to sell (or give away for free) your books, music, apps, tv shows or movies.

Getting your products on Google Play

Here's some information to help you get your product on the Google Play store:

Please note: To sell your movies or tv shows on Google Play, you'll need to go through a third-party aggregator like Distribber.

TIP: Google Play doesn't offer its services in all countries. Check country availability here.

Generating a link to your product

Once your product has been accepted and is available for sale on Google Play, create a link to the product itself or to your developer page (for app developers only).

Adding the App Store link to your website

1. Add a new block to your website or edit an existing block that includes a button

2. In the Edit toolbar, scroll down to the Buttons section

3. Click Edit to modify a button, or click Add a new button to create a new one

4. Select the following options:

  • In the Button text field add the button title (the "call to action"). in this example, that's "Download on Google Play"
  • Select "App download button" in the list of options under Type
  • Select "Google Play Store" in the list of options under App provider
  • Paste the link from Google Play into the field called Link to the app on the app store

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