Eventbrite is a platform that allows organizers to plan, promote, and sell tickets to events.

Creating an event

Login or sign up for a free Eventbrite organiser account

1. Click Create event in the top right corner of the page

2. Follow the prompts to fill in your Event details. For more information, visit Eventbrite's Getting Started Guide.

3. Click Make your event live

4. Click Manage

5. Scroll down to Invite & Promote

6. Click Website Integrations

7. Click Show me

8. Select A button that opens the checkout modal over your content

9. Copy the Embed code

Adding an event registration button to your website

1. Add a new block to your website or edit an existing block that includes a button

2. In the Edit toolbar, scroll down to the Buttons section

3. Click Edit to modify an existing button, or click Add a new button to create a new one

4. Select the following options:

  • In the Button text field add the button title (the "call to action"). in this example, that's "Book now!"
  • Select "Booking button" in the list of options under Type
  • Select "Eventbrite Button" in the list of options under Booking provider
  • Paste the code copied from Eventbrite into the field called Eventbrite button HTML

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