Your page title is what a search engine will show as the name of your website on a SERP (search results page). It’s also one of the most important ways for Google to know what your site is all about. For example, this is Envato Site's title as it appears on a Google SERP:

You have about 70 characters (including spaces) for your website title, but there’s no requirement that says you need to use them all. There is a little wiggle room since some letters like “i” and “l” are narrow, and some allowance is made for short words. But, generally, after 70 characters, search engines Google will truncate or condense the title and display an ellipsis (“...”) for the remaining characters.  

A good website name is simply your brand or business name and a short description. They don’t even necessarily have to be in that order! Each page on your website should have a unique name.

Here are some of Envato’s other website titles:

Adding a page title

Here’s how to add or change your website title: 

  1. Login to Envato Sites and open your website in the Editor
  2. Click Build in the top menu
  3. In Page Settings, locate the field called Page title and replace the demo content with your own:

Our tips for writing great Page titles

  • Use title case if it suits but it’s not necessary to capitalize every word. Do use capitals for names and the first letter of the title, if possible (it might not work if your brand name is intentionally lowercase, E.g. iTunes)
  • Don’t use words like “awesome” or “amazing”. They’re subjective and not descriptive about your website or what you offer
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