The description that Google displays on a search result page is usually taken from the page’s content. However, there are times that a search engine will need to use the page description you provide, so it’s important to write a good summary as well as a compelling reason to click!

This screenshot shows how Envato Sites's page title and description appear on Google's search result page:

Google limits the description to 100 per line and this includes spaces. Descriptions are typically two lines long, but keep in mind that Google may still truncate this so it’s best to aim for fewer than 160 characters total. Each page new page you add to your site should have it's own description based on the content.

Adding a page description

It’s easy to add or edit a page description. Here’s how:

  1. Open your website in the Site Editor and and click Build
  2. In the Page settings, locate the field called "Page description" and enter your content:

Our tips for writing great Page descriptions

  • Be objective (aka bland). Avoiding words like “best”, “awesome” or “top” and instead focus on what you offer
  • Try to be specific but not too narrow-focused when describing your website. Describe your products/services and make a short a statement about what they're best for
  • Use words that carry connotations. For example, “handcrafted” not only refers to the manufacturing process, it also makes a statement about the uniqueness of an item
  • Page descriptions don’t have to be written in full sentences. In fact, it might be better to use small pieces of information from the page’s content
  • Avoid keyword stuffing! It’s good to use fewer than 160 characters if it means the description is kept concise and highly relevant
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