Is website hosting included in your plans?

Yes. We host your website on our servers. This is included in the free plan and both the monthly and annual subscription plans.

Can I host the website on my own servers?

No. We don’t have any plans or options that allow you to export the website and host it on your own servers at this time. Exporting or downloading your website to host it elsewhere is against the Envato Sites Terms and Conditions.

Can I use my own domain name with Envato Sites?

You'll need to subscribe to either the monthly or annual subscription plan in order to connect your own domain name. You can upgrade your subscription at any time.

To connect your domain name, you'll make a few simple changes to your domain’s DNS. It works with all popular domain registrars, and you don’t need to transfer the domain to us. We have step-by-step articles and a team of DNS experts ready to help you.

Are there any bandwidth or traffic limits?

No. We do not currently impose limits. As we learn more about how customers are using our service, we may introduce limits or alternate plans to ensure that all of our customers have fair and reasonable access. We would only do this in a way that would not impact that vast majority of existing customers.

Will this scale if my website becomes popular?

Yes. We’ve designed the Envato Sites platform from the ground-up to support high traffic websites. By separating the website editor and control panels from your customer-facing website, we can cache your content on highly available servers that don’t require database access or other services that are difficult to scale.

Are there backups?

Yes. We keep multiple backups of all website content, and can re-publish a new copy of your website onto new servers if needed.

Where is my website hosted?

Your website is currently hosted on top of Amazon Web Services, primarily in the US region. Images and other content on your website may be hosted by other providers in other locations. This may change over time.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information. 

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