Envato Sites doesn't offer email hosting so if you'd like a custom email address, you'll need to purchase one through your domain name registrar. If you haven't purchased a domain name yet, check out our list of recommended registrars here. Many domain registrars offer their own email app but these don't often provide all the features that an email-specific app will.

We've put together this guide to help you choose an email app that's right for you. Here are some things to consider when making a choice:

  • Price — Some apps offer a basic free version but most will offered tiered plans with features to suit your business needs
  • Features — Most email providers come with built in calendars, and many offer additional features like live chat, Skype or even online document editing.
  • Storage — Not all email providers offer unlimited storage!
  • Language support — The big email apps (like Gmail and Outlook) support over 70 languages, but many smaller apps support only a few

Here are some email apps that we can recommend:


Fastmail is popular webmail app. They have a tiered pricing schedule which is paid per user. They provide great account security and are one of the top rated apps for site reliability and uptime. Fastmail have an intuitive and easy to use interface with more complex settings available to manage inboxes. They offer a built in calendar, and have specific apps for mobile an tablet users.

Gmail for business (G Suite)

Gmail is the most popular webmail provider and their minimalist design and user-friendly interface shows why. They offer a large variety of settings so you can easily tailor the app to your needs. Gmail users can create multiple calendars, and as an added bonus, you get Sheets, Docs and Forms which are great for working collaboratively.


Outlook has greatly improved recently and now offer a clean user interface, lots of storage space, several inbox options and the ability to use folders or labels (or both). Their pricing is also per user and the higher tiers include MicroSoft Office. They have a chat-based internal workspace and offer integration with many other apps. It's not the best app for use with external calendars.


Rackspace has both webmail and desktop email capabilities and offer users the ability to access their emails through Outlook (desktop) as well as the Rackspace webmail app. They offer premium spam and virus protection, and unlimited aliases and email groups. Rackspace have great inbox capabilities and support collaboration apps and tools to improve communication within your business.


ZohoMail is another popular webmail provider. Their greatest feature is the lack of ads on their interface (even on free plans). They have features like folders and labels and automatic filters, as well as their thread style conversation view. Zoho provide instant chat, calendar, tasks and notes and access to their own version of G Suite, called Zoho Docs, which offers word docs, spreadsheets and presentations. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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