A redirect record ensures that visitors who type "yourwebsite.com" into the address bar will automatically be taken to your website ("www.yourwebsite.com"). 

Not all domain registrars allow you to add redirect records so you might need to use a third party app like Easyredir.com. Easyredir is free.

Setting up Easyredi.com forwarding

1. Sign up for an account at www.easyredir.com

2. To provide the URL that you want to have forwarded enter your domain name without "www", E.g. example.com

3. Next, provide the destination of the redirect. Enter your domain name with  "http://www" at the start (NOT https),
E.g. http://www.example.com

4. Click Create Redirect

5. Easyredir.com will provide two "Required Values". These are IP addresses

Creating redirect records with IP Addresses

1. Login to your domain registrar and open your DNS settings

2. Delete any pre-existing A Records (Make a backup before first!)

3. Create a two new A Records. If you're asked for "sub-domains" leave the field blank. Paste the IP addresses copied from Easyredir.com

4. Check that the domain redirect has been set up correctly

Getting help

Domains and DNS terminology can be confusing. If you need help with any part of this process:

  • Ask our domain experts for assistance! Send us a screenshot of your DNS settings so we can help you troubleshoot
  • Contact your domain registrar and send a link to this article. If you have completed steps 1-5 on EasyRedir.com your registrar should be able to create the A Records on your behalf
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