Envato Sites doesn't offer any blogging features so, if you'd like to start a blog, there are two options available:

  1. Each time you'd like to create a post, add a new page to your website then add the blocks you need for your content. The Article block might be a good one to start with
  2. Alternatively, you can add link from your website header navigation to your blog on an external platform (like Medium or Blogger)

Articles vs. external blog 

Blogs can be a fantastic way of growing your presence online, but they involve a lot of hard work and commitment. To make your blog meaningful and useful for your customers, you'll need to produce a post fairly regularly! To do that, you'll need a solid content plan and strategy. 

If you don't think you're ready for the commitment of a blog, why not try "posting" by adding articles to a dedicated page on your website? See how it's done, here. If your blog posts are very long, you could even add a whole new page for each one.

If you already have a blog elsewhere, or you have a content strategy and you'd like the full range of features offered by a specialist platform, click here to see a list of blog sites we think are pretty great.

Pros and Cons of using your website for blogging


  • Your content is all in one place and is easy to manage and easy to find
  • There's less pressure to post regularly, giving you time to create high quality content
  • By adding new content and updating your website you improve your SEO optimization
  • There are lots of different types of blocks that can be used for posting. The Article block is great for text only, but the blocks called "Image or Video with Text" or "Image or Video Above Text" are great alternatives


  • Readers won't be able to like or comment on your posts

Pros and Cons of using an external blog platform


  • Platforms like Medium and WordPress.com have huge audiences so your posts are more likely to be read 
  • You can format the post to your liking as well as add images and videos
  • Readers can interact with your blog posts by liking, commenting or sharing


  • Some countries block blogging platforms (Eg. WordPress.com is not available in Turkey)
  • Readers expect regular and frequent posts from official blogs, so there's a lot of pressure to generate content 

Why not do both? 

You could maintain your blog on an external platform AND have a short section of the post on your website with a button that links straight to the full article.

This example was created by adding the block called "Images or Videos with text". The "Read more >" links open the blog posts on Medium in a new browser tab.

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