Blogs aren't for everyone. There's a lot of pressure to continually create content and when bloggers lose heart... well, nothing looks worse than a blog that was completely abandoned two weeks after it started!

You can get many of the benefits of having a blog — like the SEO boost of adding fresh content as well as luring new readers to your website — by even infrequently adding high quality content that is extremely relevant to your existing readers, like a blog post.

Here are our suggestions for blogging on your website:

  1.  Add brand new page and give it title. Something as simple as "Envato Blog" works well
  2. Give the page a description that captures the general topics of your blog posts, Eg. Tips, tricks and tutorials to help you get the most out of the Envato Site Editor
  3. Edit your site navigation so visitors can find the blog page
  4. Each time you need to post, add a new block to the page. 

Here are some blocks work well for blog posts:

The "Article" block is the most obvious choice! This one is great for a super simple post when your post is text only:

Using the "Image or Video Above Text" would be a great, repeatable format for each post. This block contains a large header image, heading, subheading and body text:

You could even create a full page blog post using a combination of different blocks. In this example, the "Image or Video Above Text" block contains the main image and blog title, and each of the 10 facts have been added to separate "Image or Video with Text" blocks:

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