If you sell products or services on Gumroad you can add an Overlay button to your website so customers can make purchases without navigating away from your page.  

Setting up your Gumroad profile and store

If you haven't already, sign up for a Gumroad account

1. Navigate to the Product page 

2. Add your first digital or physical product. For assistance, visit Gumroad's Help Center.
You'll need to provide descriptions and images of your products, and specify your payout details

3. Once you're happy, click Publish and make your product available to your customers

4. Copy the Overlay code

Adding the Buy Now button code to your website

1. Add a new block to your website or edit an existing block that includes a button

2. In the Edit toolbar, scroll down to the Buttons section

3. Click Edit to modify an existing button, or click Add a new button to create a new one

4. Select the following options:

  • In the Button text field add the button title (the "call to action"). in this example, that's "Buy now"
  • Select "Payment button" in the list of options under Type
  • Select "Gumroad Button" in the list of options under Payment provider
  • Paste the code copied from Gumroad into the field called Gumroad Button HTML

5. Click Done

NOTE: The button will only work on the live site! It is not visible within the Editor in Build or Preview modes.

If you have already launched your website, you'll need to update it with these changes.

When a customer clicks on your buy now button, a popup will appear, allowing them to make the purchase without navigating away from your website:

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