Envato Sites doesn't yet have any built in form features and there is no way to add a form to any of the building blocks using HTML. But it is still possible to use your website to capture customer data.

You could add a link to a form on an external platform that opens in a new tab, or you could encourage customers to contact you via live chat (click here to see how to add the Zendesk live chat widget to your site).

Add a Zendesk Live Chat widget

The chat widget will always be visible to your customers so it's a perfect way of gathering customer information. You the widget up to require a customer's email address (etc) before they can leave a message. Here is an example of the settings you'll need to select to use the chat widget as a short form:

Linking to an external form

If you need more than basic information from your customers, the best form to use is one on a dedicated form app. It's simple to create a linked button on your website and set it up to open the link in a new tab — the hardest part is choosing the right app to use.

Here are a couple of suggestions from us based on how easy it is to create forms and customize them:

  • Google Form is the quickest and simplest way of creating a form and gathering data. It's free to use and you can send responses to a Google Sheet.
  • Typeform is a web-based platform that you can use to make forms that looks great and feel 'human' to your users. The forms ask one question at a time like a real conversation, so they are engaging and fun to complete.
  • Formstack is another great web-based app and it's especially useful if completing the form is only one step in a process, making it great for assessing applications or collecting orders that need to be shared with other teams. 
  • Wufoo offer both form templates and the ability to create your own. There are some great "behind the scenes" features like form performance optimization, flexibility, and security. A standout in their list of features is the customizable dynamic analytics dashboard.

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