This is a guide to creating a button on your website that links to a form you've created on another app. 

Before you get started

Adding a call to action button to your website

There’s no need to code or add any third party widgets, just use the URL of your public form to link a button:

1. Open your website in the Site Editor

2. Add a new block or edit an existing block that features a button.

3. Then, link the button to the external page

There are quite a few blocks that you could use to encourage customers to provide their information. This example uses the "Hero Text" block for a plain and simple call to action:

TIP: Make the button text a call to action, E.g. "Signup", "Find out more" or "Register your interest"!

Positioning the call to action button

The location of the block with button will impact the how and why your customers choose to signup or provide their information. Choose a location according to what works best for your products/services, your industry or what subscribers will receive. 

Here are some areas that we can recommend:

Locating a mailing list subscription link in the header block makes it easy for your customers find and signup without having to scroll. Unless your product/services are well-known this position might not work for a link to your lead generation form.

About Us
By placing a link in the block with information about your company or what you do, customers can sign up to your mailing list or register their interest after they’ve read about what you have to offer 

Placing the mailing list subscription link immediately after your main products/services showcase prompts your customers to signup for news or updates, pre-order or even just register their interest!

Footer/Contact Us
Locating a mailing list subscription or "find out more" link in your footer block encourages customers to engage with your website content before subscribing.

TIP: Consider offering an incentive to encourage customers to provide their personal information! 

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