FormStack is a data management app great for creating forms then managing and distributing information.
Login to Formstack or create a new account to get started. 

Please note: It's possible to create forms on a free trial but you will need to start a subscription to publicly share your form.

1. On your dashboard, click Create a New form

2. Provide a form title. Customize the form URL if required.

3. Then, click Start with a Template OR click Start with a blank form if you'd prefer to start from scratch

4. If creating your form from a template, choose a category to browse

5. Click Next Step

6. Within the category, choose a form type that best suits your purpose

7. Click Next step

8. Choose light or dark background for your form

9. Click Finish to start editing the form questions 

10. Modify a field/question by clicking on it, drag and drop fields to reorder the form or add new fields by dragging options from the left sidebar. Click here for more information about form editing.

11. When the form is complete, click View Live Form and confirm your FormStack subdomain

12. Click View Live Form once more, then copy the URL from your browsers address bar

13. Go to your website in the Envato Site Editor and create a button on your website to link customers to your form using the URL copied in step 12

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