TypeForm is a great way to ask customer's for information, as it presents each question one at a time!

You can start creating a custom form without having a TypeForm account.

1. Go to Typeform to begin, and click Get started for free

2. Follow the prompts to create a new form

3. Decide if you'd like to build a form from scratch or use a customisable Typeform template

4. In this example, we'll start from scratch so the first thing to do is to give your form a name!

5. Drag and drop fields on to the Welcome page and Questions pages to design your form

More complex forms can be create by using logic and hidden fields. Find more information on this on the Typeform help center.

NOTE: In order to design a custom Thank you page, you'll need to sign up for a Pro account, but if you're happy to use the Typeform message a free account will do. 

6. Jump to the Design tab to choose you fonts and colours

7. Then click Configure to set your notification preferences, form visibility and other options. Please note that your form will need to be public in order for customers to access it from your website

8. When you're happy with the form and it's ready to go, jump to the Share tab and copy the URL

9. Go to your website in the Envato Site Editor and create a button on your website to link customers to your form using the URL copied in step 8 

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