Wufoo's form reporting set this app apart from other form builders. You don't need a paid account to create a form.

Sign up for a free Wufoo account to get started.

1. From your Wufoo dashboard, click + New Form

2. Provide a name and short description of your form

3. Then, click Add fields or drag fields onto the form to start building

4. Customize each question in the Field Settings tab (this is where you can set required fields and provide help text)

TIP: Head to Wufoo's Help Center for more information about building forms

5. Jump to the Form Settings tab to choose options like your submission message and form formatting

6. Click Save changes, then Apply theme to change the color scheme. Preview your edits by clicking View form

7. Once your happy with the form design and questions, click Share Form then copy the sharing URL

8. Open your website in the Envato Site Editor and create a button on your website to link customers to your form using the URL copied in step 7


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