To create a link to a specific block on your website you can add a hyperlink to any text or set up a button. To set up a button for this, you'll to add a new block that offers buttons or edit an existing block with a button on it. 

Buttons are an excellent way of highlighting a call to action! You could link customers to your contact details in your Footer block, or help them to easily find information about your services on another page of your website. 

TIP: Creating and editing links in the header navigation is a little different, so we've set up a separate guide, here

Here's how to set up a button to link to a specific block anywhere on your website:

1. Make sure you're in Build mode, then click on a block to open the Edit toolbar. Scroll down to the section called "Buttons"

2. Click Edit or create a brand new button by clicking + Add new

3. Now, set up the button. Here you can:

  • Edit the call to action (the button text) in the Text field 
  • Choose "A block on a page" from the Type of link options
  • Choose the page to that the block is on from the Page list
  • Choose the name of the block from the Block lists
  • If you'd like the button to open the page in a new browser window, toggle the "Opens in new tab" option to On.

Your changes are saved automatically!

Please note: If you don't see these options while editing your website, you could be using one of our old templates. Get in touch if you'd like more information.

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