One of the best ways captivate and influence your site visitors is simply by using quality images. Good photography adds an extra dimension to your content and encourages your visitors to make an unconscious connection with you, your product, or your service.

Unsplash provides high quality photos from professional photographers that are free for commercial use. And we've made it easy to source Unsplash images from within the Site Editor. 

Adding Unsplash Images

In the example below I'm adding a background image to the block called HEADER (LARGE). Click here if you need to identify the type of blocks on your template

1. Hover over the block and click Settings

2. In the toolbar on the right of the page ensure that the Background type is set to "Image":

4. Click Edit image

5. Scroll down to the very bottom of the menu to find the section called "Find images online"

6. Enter a search term and hit Enter/Return

7. Click on images to preview them in the block on your site

8. Scroll up to the top of the menu then choose a "focal point" for the image

9. Click Back to return to the Settings menu

10. Toggle "Add color to image" to OFF to remove the default dark gray overlay, or select a new color from your palette: 

11. To readjust the focal point of the image, go back to Build mode and follow steps 1-8 to edit the image

12. To increase the size of the image shown as the background, toggle "Full height block" to ON

13. Click Preview to see what the new background image looks like on desktops/laptops, tablets and mobiles

Here are some quick reads from the Envato Blog that will help you on your way to an expertly put-together website:

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